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A Noisy World

In our world today, there is so much noise to compete with. For many businesses it’s hard to get enough attention to really make a difference in the bottom line. But the only time we truly lose is when we give up.

We must get as much attention as possible. We must be where the people are. Back in the day that meant going to a neighborhood and knocking on doors to get people to know you, your company and the products and services you offer. It meant making tons of phone calls, facing all that rejection, the no’s, the hang ups the 200 calls just to qualify someone. This took paying salespeople’s salaries, commission, and traveling expenses.

Today, to get to where the people are is much easier, and comparable to the back in the day approach, much less expensive! 

Where are the people at? Well, they are on their phones, checking their email, on FB, on Instagram, on Twitter, Googling something, Watching the news Online, Checking the weather online. This is where they are, and it is so easy to get in front of them.

Times have changed and in this NOISY WORLD, we must make some NOISE in order to compete.

Being Invisible is not an answer that will work in this Noisy world!

Get Attention and the Leads Will Follow

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Rebekkah Bonnett

Sales Manager